Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things We Don't Talk About

Being fascinated with birth has led me to a fascination that occurs even before conception...our monthly cycles!

I remember vividly when I first began my was the strangest day ever...a brief discussion with my mom...sent off to school...and suppose to function as if everything is "normal".  And it was "normal"...just not for me, because this was something I had never experienced.

Fast forward to adulthood...most of what you ever hear regarding women or the feminine, especially in regards to "Aunt Flo" is of the negative.  But, what constitutes as negative?

What have we been taught about our cycles?  Our bodies?  Are our bodies flawed?  What do our experiences tell us about being a woman?  What does being a woman mean?

Of course, we are more than just having babies; however, just knowing that fact opens up a world of creativity...especially within our cycles! :-)

Here is what I have discovered on my journey...and still learning:

Every cycle is a preparation for childbirth.  This does not have to be limited to physically giving birth to a child, because we all know not everyone is able to do such, for whatever reason.  Let me be clear by saying THAT IS OK!

Every month when our "red tent" approaches, it is an opportunity to go within, feel where the pain (if any) is taking you.  For me, the more I choose to retreat into my red tent, the less pain I have.  The more I tune out what is around me and pay attention and focus on ME, all those negative associations with my cycle, seem to fade away.

Another thing that has been discovered within is a better understanding of the relationship between the moon cycle and your menstrual cycle.  The 1st full moon cycle began yesterday.  Did you begin your period?  Do you know what that means that your cycle begins during the full moon?

Of course, you can do your research as I have (Google is so your friend)...this is what I have learned:

When you bleed during the full moon and ovulate during the new (or dark) moon, it is called a red moon cycle.  The red moon cycle is an opportunity for inner development and its expression.  When you bleed during the new (or dark) moon and ovulate during the full moon, it is called a white moon cycle.  The white moon cycle is the best condition for a woman to express her creative energies.  Neither one is more powerful than the other, they are both simply expressions of feminine energy.

Here is a detailed description of each moon cycle in regards to our monthly cycles (and my experience within those cycles):

New Moon:  A time to look inward; self nourishing, into the cauldron.  Anxieties, memories and experiences may rise up, eager to be dealt with...time for strong healing!
**I have began my cycle during the new moon and at the same time, there was some much needed healing between my mother and I...some things between us that I needed to embrace and let go of.  And it came right on time...there are no coincidences. :-)

Waxing Moon:  A time to look inward; self nourishing.  Time to think, learn, read new discoveries; receiving information for other women.
**When I began my cycle during the waxing moon, I retreated and was reminded in new ways my path...speaking to my heart and higher self.  That path being helping women welcome their little ones earthside peacefully, as well as loving ourselves women and especially as human beings (healing)...that's how we change the world! :-)

Full Moon:  A time to look outward; world nourishing.  Learn how to transform energy (rage) into creative action, belly cramps into sensuousness.
**When I began my cycle during the full moon, I decided to take a road trip to Philly/New myself!  Also during that time, I began my "Red Tent Journal"...writing all the ideas I have to get women together and celebrate their bodies, at the same time experiencing those very ideas I had written!

Waning Moon:  A time to look outward; world nourishing.  Create in the world that is already created in your imagination.  Substantiate your discoveries, verify knowledge, develop plans and projects & stabilize existing conditions.
**I am sure I had some experience during the waning moon cycle.  I just don't have it documented since beginning my "Red Tent Journal"...that will be an interesting cycle, I'm sure! :-)

Knowing this information about the moon cycles, I began to notice my body letting me know what's up before my mind can figure it out.  I find it amazing how our bodies communicate to us, when we are paying attention.  And that is something that happens even during childbirth...when we leave it be and not quick to intervene.

To begin healing, YOU have to notice the situation.  The situation I notice is within each and every one of my sistahs...your womb!  How we treat ourselves during our we introduce it to our a curse or a rite of passage.  If we can begin to heal ourselves in that regard...give ourselves a different perspective of our very own bodies and what it was made to do...every month, we can begin healing in other aspects as well.  When we heal within, we heal without!

SISTAHS...we must demand time to retreat and take time out for ourselves.  I know that can be a somewhat difficult task...and IT IS!  Have you ever wondered why we flip out at everyone before our cycle starts...usually called or associated with PMS?  It is our subconscious demanding to be left alone, to have that "me time" to simply BE!  Have a special journal for during your cycle.  I have 2 journals.  I have a journal with a red cover that I decorated and call my Red Tent Journal.  This is a way to keep record of your cycles, write your emotions associated with your cycle...all of that.  Some days my entry will be one sentence.  I simply wrote one day, "My body just feels drained!"  And it did...a later entry during that same cycle, I wrote 2 pages that in a way explained why I felt so drained.

Now imagine if we had circles in our respective communities where groups of women can sit and talk to one another about things we truly do not talk about...this topic being one of them?!  Hmmmm...

There is a rebirth taking place...and it is much bigger than just our babies.  One of my friends (Amma Zulu) posted this a while back on Facebook:

"Rebirth:  In our vaginas our wombs give birth, periodically bleeding as if seriously wounded yet women are resurrected after every cycle."

We, as women, and our periods, are much more powerful than we think.  It makes you wonder why men (politicians and religious leaders, etc.) want to control women whether it be regarding our health choices (birth control and choices in giving birth) as well as having positive thoughts about ourselves (women are to be seen and not heard)!

To my bruthas, don't feel left assist by giving the women you love and respect the space needed to be to themselves and create...and be a better woman, lover, mother...etc., etc. ya dig?!

The paradigm is changing...and that change continues the more we acknowledge and respect our cycles and the moon is all connected...and most definitely a POSITIVE occurrence! :-)

Wakey Wakey!

Have a beautiful day everyONE...I love YOU!