Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Are YOU Here?

In a heated discussion yesterday, I was asked "...why are you here?"  It caught me off guard and in my mind I'm thinking, "Are you serious?!" The reason I know that I am here, in any moment, is because I am...simple as that!  Today, in particular, I had experiences that reminded me of my purpose in this Universe.

The energy yesterday wasn't so great to have a garage sale so I postponed it to today.  I made sure I sent my text messages and connected to the social network to get the word out.  One of my friends that I sent a text to surprised me with a visit that came right on time.  Later on the way to my sister's house, I decided to stop and get gas.  A young man came up and asked if he could pump my gas.  I kindly declined but thank him for the hospitality.  Then the conversation began...

I asked him why he was out here...what he needed money for.  He informed me of his situation.  He got a little defensive and I figured out why...I noticed he was disabled and something told me he is a young man that is fighting for his independence.  At that moment I felt I was would I feel?  He felt he had to mention his disability and my response was, "Yea, I noticed but I'm looking at you...I want to know who YOU are...not your disabilty!"  At that moment, he eyes grew big and he opened up and said, no one has ever just talked to him like that before...he always has to be the jokester, making fun of his disability.  At the end of our discussion I gave him some money...he asked me, "Are YOU sure you don't need this?" That almost made me cry.  I told him that what he can do is when someone crosses his path and they are in need, be it a hug, a kind word, not necessarily money, just "pay forward" what was given/received to/by you today.  It was like for someone, a total stranger, saw him as a man, not as a "handicap".  I gave him my number because he simply asked could he just call and talk to me sometime.  I told him I love him and his mouth dropped.  I had to reassure him that I meant those words and they were true.  I swear this man was glowing as I drove away.  I put out there in the Universe that I hope he comes across someone that may offer him a job and not see his handicap as an issue...he continues to gain his independence!

Just those few experiences continues answering the question why I'm here.  I discovered I am here to heal in whatever profession I choose.  Currently, I am a healer of hair....I am becoming a healer of reconnecting the family circle...I want to assist my husband in healing through food, eating more healthy and it tasting good (get over the stereotype healthy doesn't taste good).  Just a simple interaction with a total stranger that begins with a question "Can I pump your gas for you?"...being of service to another person and accepting that service...that begins healing in this world.  Healing amongst us human beings.  Letting someone know they are not alone and everything will be ok, asking someone "What do you need?" And indeed, the blessings & lessons continue flowing.

Wake up, let it go & love!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships...

Most of the time when people hear the word relationship...they automatically think about intimate relationships with others.  Often, I would think the same way.  As I continue growing, I look at all of my friends, relatives, children, spouses, clients, even new relationships in development.

One relationship that has been sticking out lately is the" babymama/babydaddy" relationship.  I pretty much was on my own raising my daughter the first 8 years of her life.  My mother and grandmother helped and I am very thankful.  However, there was no "father figure" around.  As a young mother, I ended up bitter because I felt not only did her father abandon her but abandoned me as well.  It has taken me a while to realize that he did what he felt due to past experiences with the mother(s) of his other children.  It was up to me to show by my actions that I am not the past but the present, understanding what level of love there was between us and keep it moving.  We are now in a place where there is much respect and love between the two of us.  There are no expectations...if you gonna do, do, if not, keep it moving...but there will always be LOVE!  Fast forward to present I find myself on "the other side of the game".  Now, I'm seeing the experience through the eyes of a husband.  With the birth of our son, I find myself having some sort of flashback out of body experience...seeing myself in our son's mother (babymama).  A woman that is so use to disappointment and negativity that she even creates it herself because that is what she is accustomed to...even if what is in front of you is love & truth...all she needs to do is open her eyes and see.

I've even had to realize in my business relationships, it's amazing what is revealed to you when you make yourself vulnerable, willing to be of service.  I've dodged a "business bullet" to salvage a friendship, new friendships have developed with new business ventures and even a deeper relationship with current clients.

Why do we make it so hard to reveal ourselves....our true selves to each other?  Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable and put our true feelings and emotions out there?  This is something I had to ask myself and blossom into who I truly am at this moment.  I have learned that you cannot push anyone to do what you think or want them to do, in YOUR's OUR world...a unity not a separation.  I heard something once that said, "Separation kills, unity is the survival of all humanity."  It works much better if you just go with the flow...ride the wave...enjoy the rollercoaster...whichever figurative speech you choose to use.  Once you begin, you will see the truth revealing itself in every moment of your life.  Even the true attitudes of some reveal themselves to you in a way I honestly cannot explain, but is something to experience indeed.  It's like I told my husband..."I think disclosure is happening as we speak, just in a manner we never expected..."  We feel if something is to be revealed it has to be this huge production like in the  Bottom line: RELAX!  Stop allowing illusions to hide the real you.  You may be surprised who or what will show up in your life and/or who will leave your life so that your blessings can continue to flow as they should once you see the real you and not the illusion.  If you are going through a "rough patch" at this moment, see that there is some truth being revealed to you.  All you have to do is open your eyes and see.  Once you see, you'll know what to your intuition!  We are our toughest critic, it's true.  If your relationship with you isn't working well, how do you think it's going to work with others (within any parameter)?  Jerry Maguire almost had it, yet was a loving gesture (he got the cliche'), "YOU complete ME"...recognizing how complete you are as a human being, the way you are (perfectly imperfect) will realize that it's more "WE compliment each other", "WE are a team", "WE are family!" And to me, that's true unity!

Wake up, let it go & LOVE!  Have a beautiful day everyONE!  I love YOU!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Am I Gonna Do With All This Stuff?

During my adult life in my religious upbringing, I remember always being told "simplify your life".  At first, I asked myself, "What does that mean?" I thought that I lived fairly simple.  Over the years, I have learned to let go of things I really don't need.  That may be a way of thinking, certain relationships, a credit card, a car note or even a job.

One thing that I continue to learn is letting go of stuff.  Everything has some sort of sentimental value to us when it crosses our path.  But why don't we take a mental picture of it and let it go, freeing up our physical space?  There have been a couple of times that I have taken pictures of where I've been or who I've seen and "mysteriously" my photos delete.  I feel it is the Universe telling me that I don't have to physically keep a memory of what I've done...I've taken a mental picture of memories, what I experience means something to me!   It also lets me know that I will return to see what I've taken pictures of and who I've seen. Just that experience flows into the rest of my life as far as letting go.

Recently, I began a group on Facebook called, "Play Clothes"...a clothing and shoes exchange for kids and adults.  I had a closet full of clothes that do not fit anymore.  I have a friend that posts that she needs clothes for her kids.  I can imagine that there is someone out there that knows someone who needs a suit to wear on an interview they have been waiting for.  Who has money for all that?  Why not help each other and at the same time, letting go and simplifying YOUR life?  In addition to this clothing exchange, I look around my house and see things that I'm willing to let go of and let it be shared with a new family.  Let it have value to them as it has had value to me but it purpose is no longer needed.  I decided to have a garage sale this weekend.  My rule (thanks to my sis) is, "If it hasn't been used in the last year, it's time for it to go."  This even goes for furniture, electronics, clothes and kitchenware that has not been used.  Someone needs this stuff and can afford garage sale prices not department store prices.  I also see these items serving their last purpose for me...providing funds towards my product business.  As one chapter ends, a new one begins!

Wake up, let it go & love!  Have a beautiful day creating everyONE!  I love YOU!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you see YOU?

I have a photo album on my facebook page entitled "The transition of LeLe". I look at it every now and then...maybe adding pictures along the way.  I look at what I was (creamy crack addict aka relaxers because God forbid a 'nap' show up on my head) to what I am now (au naturale, power to the people afro).  I remember thinking how much I wanted my hair to flow in the wind like my little friends of other races.  That was a trend that started with my grandmother and trickled down to me, then I stopped that cycle.  Who told us, Black Women, that the hair we were born with was "bad", "ugly", "nappy"...and have trickled that nonsense down to our own children!  Shouldn't that be a condition ("I love you but damn you got nappy ass hair!") that doesn't exist if we love ourselves and our children unconditionally?  I looked in the mirror and said, "I wonder what I look like?!" That began my transition into becoming natural...the first time.  Yes, this hasn't been a consistent journey.  Once I moved to Houston, my "hair" (really it was me) had a hard time adjusting to the humidity...relaxer to the rescue yet again!  After about a year and a half, I was missing me and decided to "let go" of the "creamy crack".  Fast forward to this year...I have helped at least 4 women transition, do the "big chop", whatever you want to call it.  I see the moment, when their eyes open wide and they SEE!  They see the most beautiful thing in the world, for the first time.  They feel free from the addiction to the game "Who's hair is straighter?!" They let go of the "added glamour" aka weaves, wigs (yes, even the lace fronts, praise sweet baby Jesus). Women, just want to be themselves, their TRUE selves.  A friend of mine called me today to let me know she was ready to let go...reveal her true self! Her call motivated me to go back to making my own hair care products...shampoos, conditioners, hair gel...even candles and sugar scrubs for the skin!  If I am going to encourage human beings to be them, why not assist maintaining the natural state with natural products. I decided a short while ago that I was going to be the last boss I have!  Seeing my true self really has me creating big things not only for myself but for my family as well!

Doing hair is just ONE of the things I do to be of service to others.  I enjoy hearing someone say, "I feel more beautiful than I ever did" the moment they see the hair they were born with...and it's not just the hair.  It's almost as if they see something inside themselves that was lost and was just reunited with them.  I remember that feeling when I looked in the mirror for the first time after the big chop...a huge sigh from my scalp and hair that I was free.  Since then, it has transferred into helping others; showing me yet another way to continue creating my reality.

I've awakened, I'm letting it go & continuing to love!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Is The "Hippie Diva"?!

When you first read, "Hippie Diva", those two "labels" don't seem to go together.  For me, "DIVA" stands for divine, innovative, virtuous, affluent.  When you think of a hippie, you think the 1960s.  I recently read that the 60s were a "leap into human consciousness".  Keeping that in mind, the two words seem to dance beautifully together to begin to!

A little about me...I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife & and friend.  I've been wanting to start various blogs about life, period.  There are so many aspects to write about I felt I was going to have 5 blogs at once. Coming back to my senses, I realize that I can write about all those things, in one blog.  I'm sure all of us at some time have multiple idea running through their head at once and have no idea where to begin...just do!  That's what I've decided, just do...start your blog, write about your ideas, you never know when it may motivate another, or even yourself!  My family life is not the most conventional, but it is family and family is what you make it to be (Blog #1).  I have been a hairstylist for almost 15 years (Blog #2).  I am currently seeking my certification of becoming a doula (labor coach...and blog #3).  I am a mother of 2...a soon to be 12 year old (we began homeschooling in May) and a one month old (whom I didn't give birth to...hello, blog #4).  And last but not least, WTF is going on in the world? How does it affect us individually? Collectively? (Blog #5) You see, the list goes on and on of what can be discussed and shared.

I am always looking at how can I be of service in the world today.  Blogging gives me another avenue to do such.  There is always knowledge to be shared amongst us all.  There is LOVE to be shared as well...let's start sharing!

Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude