Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Are YOU Here?

In a heated discussion yesterday, I was asked "...why are you here?"  It caught me off guard and in my mind I'm thinking, "Are you serious?!" The reason I know that I am here, in any moment, is because I am...simple as that!  Today, in particular, I had experiences that reminded me of my purpose in this Universe.

The energy yesterday wasn't so great to have a garage sale so I postponed it to today.  I made sure I sent my text messages and connected to the social network to get the word out.  One of my friends that I sent a text to surprised me with a visit that came right on time.  Later on the way to my sister's house, I decided to stop and get gas.  A young man came up and asked if he could pump my gas.  I kindly declined but thank him for the hospitality.  Then the conversation began...

I asked him why he was out here...what he needed money for.  He informed me of his situation.  He got a little defensive and I figured out why...I noticed he was disabled and something told me he is a young man that is fighting for his independence.  At that moment I felt I was would I feel?  He felt he had to mention his disability and my response was, "Yea, I noticed but I'm looking at you...I want to know who YOU are...not your disabilty!"  At that moment, he eyes grew big and he opened up and said, no one has ever just talked to him like that before...he always has to be the jokester, making fun of his disability.  At the end of our discussion I gave him some money...he asked me, "Are YOU sure you don't need this?" That almost made me cry.  I told him that what he can do is when someone crosses his path and they are in need, be it a hug, a kind word, not necessarily money, just "pay forward" what was given/received to/by you today.  It was like for someone, a total stranger, saw him as a man, not as a "handicap".  I gave him my number because he simply asked could he just call and talk to me sometime.  I told him I love him and his mouth dropped.  I had to reassure him that I meant those words and they were true.  I swear this man was glowing as I drove away.  I put out there in the Universe that I hope he comes across someone that may offer him a job and not see his handicap as an issue...he continues to gain his independence!

Just those few experiences continues answering the question why I'm here.  I discovered I am here to heal in whatever profession I choose.  Currently, I am a healer of hair....I am becoming a healer of reconnecting the family circle...I want to assist my husband in healing through food, eating more healthy and it tasting good (get over the stereotype healthy doesn't taste good).  Just a simple interaction with a total stranger that begins with a question "Can I pump your gas for you?"...being of service to another person and accepting that service...that begins healing in this world.  Healing amongst us human beings.  Letting someone know they are not alone and everything will be ok, asking someone "What do you need?" And indeed, the blessings & lessons continue flowing.

Wake up, let it go & love!

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