Monday, August 1, 2011

Change Your History!

Change your history...seems like an oxymoron (to me) but let me explain (no time machine  When I was growing up I was told stories by my aunt (and my mom) regarding how they grew up.  How my grandmother would control them by controlling their situation.  She also used religion to reinforce this sense of control.  My aunt was one of the six children that decided to take her power back from her mother and stop the controlling.  Fast forward to my life, those stories I was told remained in the back of my mind and paid attention. My conclusion was I didn't want that to happen to me.  I didn't want ANYONE controlling me, telling me what I can and cannot do.  Someone telling me that if I don't do what they feel is right, God would be displeased.  And I refused to carry this into raising my child(ren).  I knew what it felt being treated that way.

Knowing that some habits are engrained by our parents/relatives as well as knowing some of these habits I personally do not care for, when I would see them arise, I choose to do something different.  Instead of seeing "history repeat itself", I choose to change my history!  I know my marriage is different because I learned what NOT to do from my family/relatives...friends too.  If you don't like what you see going on around you, do something different to get a different result.  You may be amazed what changes will occur.

This same idea applies in any aspect of our life.  If you are tired of continuously being treated negatively at every job you have had, do something different...CHANGE YOUR HISTORY!  If you have seen the vicious cycle of babymama/babydaddy drama...the cycle that started with your mother/father or grandmother/grandfather...if you have seen the same result generation after generation, CHANGE YOUR HISTORY!  Only you have the power (free will) to change you!  The debt crisis is one of the current events that has my attention because I see how "worried" a lot of folks are about the government shutting down if there is no agreement.  History has always been to raise the debt ceiling and if that doesn't happen in this present moment, people are fearful of the government shuts down.  Pay attention to your history to know that history should change.  Just because life has been lived a certain way prior to now doesn't mean you have to continue to live it in your present.  CHANGE YOUR HISTORY.  I look forward to something different happening, in any aspect of my life.  That could be on a personal level or as a part of the human race.  If you know what the end result is going to be, what's the fun in that?!  Instead of closing your eyes expecting the twists, turns and dips of the rollercoaster to be scary & holding on tight, OPEN YOUR EYES, throw your hands up and embrace that rush you feel riding the twists, turns & dips of this rollercoaster of life!  That's how we begin to change the world...changing our history!

Wake up, let it go & love...have a beautiful day everyONE!  I love YOU!

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