Friday, August 5, 2011

Routines, Habits & Rituals

For the past couple years, I have joined my husband with fasting.  At first, we would fast the first 21 days of the new year...only eating and drinking after sundown, no alcohol, no sugar, sodas, juices...even no sex.  This year we changed it up and decided to fast the first 7 days of the new year and the first 3 days of every month.  A nice recharge at the beginning of every month.

Last month, there was an awakening. My husband asked this one question, "What is the point?"  Definitely a good question I had to ask myself.  What is the point of fasting if only to go back to drinking alcohol, sodas/juices & eating sugar...and definitely sex (lol).  Granted, fasting also would lead to some sort of awakening for me.  I truly believe that what occurred last month was yet another awakening.  The first 3 days of this month, we didn't fast...and it felt as good as fasting!  That led me to the conclusion, "There is no we have been conducting our fast, it no longer serves a purpose for me and that's ok."  I am finding that my body will do it's own version of fasting, which happened a couple days ago.

Just that one routine had me thinking about all of the routines, habits and rituals that we all have collected throughout our lives.  The ones we set for ourselves as well as the ones that were set by our parental units.  If we do something repetitive for whatever reason, why do we do it...what is the point?  If it is something that we have grown tired of doing over and over, why do we continue to do it?  Fasting is just one aspect of my life that is evolving into something else.  I even find employment evolving for me.  I use to be so focused on that office job, knowing my pay I will receive every pay period, then I got to a point I didn't want to be confined like that anymore.  I missed doing hair so that's what I went back to.  I enjoy what I do thoroughly, however I see it evolving into something right before my eyes.  Seeing things change for me use to be scary but as I grow I embrace the keeps life exciting.  I am also finding that it isn't too unknown because we are given clues and messages all day every day in this Universe that guides us on our path.  It's up to us to pay attention to what is received as much as we pay attention to what it is we give to this Universe.

Everyday I ask myself what routine, habit or ritual am I willing to put to the side, or end, to see what new thing will occur in my life.  I know whatever the new thing is, it's going to teach me a lot about ME and I'm all for that!

Wake up, let it go & love!

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