Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Transition Into Childbirth

I have been doing hair for the last 15 years and within the past year and a half I have become awakened to a new direction on my path in this journey they call life.  Almost a year ago, I decided I was going to become certified as a doula (birthing coach) and later down the road become a certified midwife.  The more and more I research, the more I receive this "push" to move forward.

My childbirth experience was in a hospital...7 weeks before my "guess date".  I had the pitocin, the epidural...even the episiotomy.  I have no regrets because regardless of how early my daughter decided to come into this world, I never lost my power, my voice!  I remember the one thing I repeated to my doctor was, "I will NOT be having a C-Section..."  I even remember one of the nurses attempting to instill fear in me while signing paperwork, because my choices didn't fit with her opinions.  I believe one thing that medical staff get twisted is that the patient, and all human beings, have a choice!  I witnessed this with my first client, as a doula.  I heard "induction" so many times, from the nurses to the residents, like it was a science experiment about to be performed!  My client made her voice heard every moment..."NOPE!"  She stuck to what she decided she was going to do...even when she hit a brick wall, she had already decided what her alternative was going to be, and made it known without hesitation. 

The documentaries I've seen and stories I hear via social networking and in person, make my heart just cry.  So many women wanting to have an awesome experience and others that have robbed women of such a joyous occasion.  These stories awakened me to see that there is such a disconnection going on when it comes to childbirth, at least in the U.S.  People are more occupied being of service to themselves rather than being of service to others.  If your profession is to deliver babies, shouldn't there be an understanding that things should happen in their own time?  Have medical professionals gotten so consumed with their own time that they rush childbirth, and at the same time creating possible risks towards the mother and child?  Is the government and insurance agencies and pharmaceutical companies so intertwined that midwifery is illegal in most states?

Everyone is entitled to their, birthing center or at home.  I am an advocate for, not only women, but their partners having their voice heard.  A couple/family's wishes being respected via their birth plan and not being criticized for it.  I tell clients the plan is to have no plan...have alternatives.  What if I can't handle the pain, what would be an alternative?  What if labor isn't going well at home and I need further assistance?  Everyone's situation is different but one thing remains the same...having children has been going on long before the medical industry came along.  It is a natural experience in life.  If women trust their bodies, their intuition and not be afraid to speak her voice...amazing things happen!  Without interventions, your body will produce it's own drug that no company can re-create...they come close...but not quite!

My next birth experience my husband & I choose to be at home, with a birthing husband says I'm gonna be the one delivering the baby...we'll see!  Congrats to those expecting...remember...GRAVITY is your friend during labor! Wake up, let it go & love!

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