Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year...New City

I know it's been a while since my last blog...but so many amazing have crossed my path, I honestly didn't know how to put into words...until now!

My husband, daughter and I moved to New Orleans 3 weeks ago and what a rollercoaster ride it has been!  I have never lived outside of Texas with the exception of my birth in upstate New York prior to us moving to the Lone Star State.  We have all taken a huge leap off of a ledge...not only moving to a new city and state but diving into owning our own business in the food industry.  From the moment we got here it has been "GO".  The networking has been amazing...it is so surreal that we live in New Orleans...but I love it!

We have had two experiences just in these few weeks that have been so eye opening!  One day, we were walking to our friend's resturant that we will be working in and noticed a body inside a cooler we had outside on the patio...no, he wasn't dead...he was just asleep.  He popped out said he had a good sleep.  He told us his name is Shane and he had a job yet was homeless.  I asked when was the last time he ate, he said the day before in the afternoon.  I asked was he hungry..."YESSS!" I kindly went to get him a po boy from across the street and some water.  Many thanks...asked if I would like to have a chat with him...I accepted.  He was a recovering meth addict from Metarie, went to the army, came back and chose to live on the streets of New Orleans than go back to Metarie (which isn't that far) and risk becoming an addict again.  OK...I can respect that.  He chose not to go to a shelter because he didn't want to ask for help.  I happen to have some phone numbers of organizations that help the homeless find housing...since he has a job...and a veteran, there are all kinds of services.  He actually works at a pizzeria down the street, I wished him the best enjoyed our conversation then he says, "Is there anything I can do for you today?"  He took my breath away...I told him what he can do, "If someone crosses your path and they need something you are able to give, pay it forward. You already did something for me today...I was able to do something for you, just because...everybody gotta eat, right?!"

Fast forward to yesterday...my friend recognizes a celebrity right across the street from the resturant...OMG!  Hubby goes play detective to verify...and sure enough...Russell Crowe! :-)  He looks across the street, I waved...he gave a little peace sign back.  Now those that know me, know I never meet a stranger and will talk to anyone.  Hehehehe...across the street I go.  "Hi, I'm Leah." "Hi, Leah, I'm Russell..."  He was with his friend/business partner.  We chatted about the city.  The movie he was filming in town.  He even asked what I was doing in the City...which led to a discussion about homeschooling.  He asked everyone's names, then I excused myself when their food came to the table.  We exchanged hugs and love and best wishes to each other.  Then, a few moments later, he came across the street to meet everyone else, remembered the names he was given.  Amazing!

This city has been absolutely amazing thus far...I am definitely learning this:  It doesn't matter if you are a homeless person on the street or one of the most popular people in the world...you truly are a spritual being having YOUR human experience.  You never know who you may meet but they may have a message for you along the way.  I am learning that in order to see the world change, I have to be part of that change I wish to see.  I may come across obstacles or other beings (human or non-human) that may not resonate with me, and when I figure out the "why", that flower just blossoms!

I hope everyone's flowers blossom today and remain in bloom!  It is a beautiful place to be.  And of course I'm gonna plug our business!!! LOL

Our friend's spot:
Magasin Vietnamese Cafe
4201 Magazine St
New Orleans

Our business:
Sweet Oven Bakery
For Orders:  504-233-4743

If this ain't manifestation, I dunno what else to call it! :-)  We wake up everyday excited to see what the day brings...living in the moment, in the NOW indeed!  Wake Up, Let it go, love and let it be!  Have a beautiful day everyONE!  I love YOU!

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