Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you see YOU?

I have a photo album on my facebook page entitled "The transition of LeLe". I look at it every now and then...maybe adding pictures along the way.  I look at what I was (creamy crack addict aka relaxers because God forbid a 'nap' show up on my head) to what I am now (au naturale, power to the people afro).  I remember thinking how much I wanted my hair to flow in the wind like my little friends of other races.  That was a trend that started with my grandmother and trickled down to me, then I stopped that cycle.  Who told us, Black Women, that the hair we were born with was "bad", "ugly", "nappy"...and have trickled that nonsense down to our own children!  Shouldn't that be a condition ("I love you but damn you got nappy ass hair!") that doesn't exist if we love ourselves and our children unconditionally?  I looked in the mirror and said, "I wonder what I look like?!" That began my transition into becoming natural...the first time.  Yes, this hasn't been a consistent journey.  Once I moved to Houston, my "hair" (really it was me) had a hard time adjusting to the humidity...relaxer to the rescue yet again!  After about a year and a half, I was missing me and decided to "let go" of the "creamy crack".  Fast forward to this year...I have helped at least 4 women transition, do the "big chop", whatever you want to call it.  I see the moment, when their eyes open wide and they SEE!  They see the most beautiful thing in the world, for the first time.  They feel free from the addiction to the game "Who's hair is straighter?!" They let go of the "added glamour" aka weaves, wigs (yes, even the lace fronts, praise sweet baby Jesus). Women, just want to be themselves, their TRUE selves.  A friend of mine called me today to let me know she was ready to let go...reveal her true self! Her call motivated me to go back to making my own hair care products...shampoos, conditioners, hair gel...even candles and sugar scrubs for the skin!  If I am going to encourage human beings to be them, why not assist maintaining the natural state with natural products. I decided a short while ago that I was going to be the last boss I have!  Seeing my true self really has me creating big things not only for myself but for my family as well!

Doing hair is just ONE of the things I do to be of service to others.  I enjoy hearing someone say, "I feel more beautiful than I ever did" the moment they see the hair they were born with...and it's not just the hair.  It's almost as if they see something inside themselves that was lost and was just reunited with them.  I remember that feeling when I looked in the mirror for the first time after the big chop...a huge sigh from my scalp and hair that I was free.  Since then, it has transferred into helping others; showing me yet another way to continue creating my reality.

I've awakened, I'm letting it go & continuing to love!


  1. I love it! Let us know when your products are ready for launch. No job will ever pay you what you're worth (at least not without sucking you dry, and monopolizing your time and energy). But a calling will provide in abundance... in all ways.

  2. Indeed Ms. Totie...I'm seeing that in full effect! Eyes wide open!