Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Is The "Hippie Diva"?!

When you first read, "Hippie Diva", those two "labels" don't seem to go together.  For me, "DIVA" stands for divine, innovative, virtuous, affluent.  When you think of a hippie, you think the 1960s.  I recently read that the 60s were a "leap into human consciousness".  Keeping that in mind, the two words seem to dance beautifully together to begin to!

A little about me...I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife & and friend.  I've been wanting to start various blogs about life, period.  There are so many aspects to write about I felt I was going to have 5 blogs at once. Coming back to my senses, I realize that I can write about all those things, in one blog.  I'm sure all of us at some time have multiple idea running through their head at once and have no idea where to begin...just do!  That's what I've decided, just do...start your blog, write about your ideas, you never know when it may motivate another, or even yourself!  My family life is not the most conventional, but it is family and family is what you make it to be (Blog #1).  I have been a hairstylist for almost 15 years (Blog #2).  I am currently seeking my certification of becoming a doula (labor coach...and blog #3).  I am a mother of 2...a soon to be 12 year old (we began homeschooling in May) and a one month old (whom I didn't give birth to...hello, blog #4).  And last but not least, WTF is going on in the world? How does it affect us individually? Collectively? (Blog #5) You see, the list goes on and on of what can be discussed and shared.

I am always looking at how can I be of service in the world today.  Blogging gives me another avenue to do such.  There is always knowledge to be shared amongst us all.  There is LOVE to be shared as well...let's start sharing!

Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude


  1. I can't wait to read more-you have so much to say (and the topics are all interesting).

  2. Ok, what is a 'schadenfreude'? lol . . . peace and blessings siStar, I look forward to sharing with you. I'm a 'hippie' too so I can definitely relate.

  3. Thank you to both of y'all...that last sentence, yea,'s related to the advertising (it's all good).