Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did We Get Disconnected?!

"...People still don't like each other...even our kids don't bring us together..." That is a verse from a song by Kindred The Family Soul entitled "We All Will Know".  I look around in the world and this verse constantly comes up...hence the music video of life is playing (lol).  How did we get disconnected, not only from each other but from OURSELVES?!

Every aspect of my life there is this disconnection that I know I am not the only one that sees it so vividly.  As a hairstylist, sistahs don't like what they see in the mirror to the point they disguise them from themselves with lace fronts & quick weaves, forgetting what they actually look like or who they are.  Our mothers and their mothers have talked so negatively about the hair they were born with instead of embracing what they have and being creative; not trying to look like someone on TV.  As a teacher, I see the disconnect in my child with her imagination and learning.  Teaching in public school involves learning how to take a test that limits ANY imagination...even the teachers lose their desire to expand their imagination to's all about that testing...gotta love politics!  As a doula, some women have a disconnect with themselves, not trusting their own intuition and trusting a medical professional, a surgeon at that, to tell them how THEY should be giving birth.  And continuing to trust the profession to diagnose their children conditions never heard of until recently.  Why are we not trusting ourselves???  Am I the only one seeing this disconnection?

I have grown so weary of human beings not getting along!  We are killing ourselves while blaming others for attempting to kill us and don't even realize it sometimes.  I noticed that it begins as soon as we are conceived in the womb, not as soon as we are born into this world.  Women getting pregnant and men getting women pregnant as a form of manipulation...that sometimes works and in most cases backfires...then that creates a disconnection....babymama/babydaddy drama!  People not loving themselves with enough respect so they are disrespectful to anyone who crosses their path because they look out for #1!  There is nothing wrong with loving you...but understand loving you is what helps you to love others, not be selfish with your love.  I understand we have been hurt at various levels of our lives, but have you ever asked yourself WHY you feel so hurt and WHY you feel you need others to feel hurt too?  This is something that we, as adults, need to get to the root of the problem, or our children are going to (and some are) repeat(ing) the cycle we constantly complain about and THINK there is no hope of breaking.

I am thankful that my eyes are open to such a disconnection.  It answers the question, "why am I here?", for me.  At times, I feel like a therapist or a life coach, but that's not what I want to do.  I want to begin the healing from the womb and let it grow from there.  I want my brothers and sisters to know that life is precious...not a medical procedure you go have surgery and leave with a baby.  It's so much more than that.  If anything, it is a spiritual process that helps us, as spiritual beings having a human experience.  It helps us to see just how amazing and powerful we are.  The drugs that are developed to "prevent" pain, are already within us, in it's natural state, not a synthetic one.  It shows us that even though we have our own emotions that WE have to deal with ourselves, we are able to put aside to bring a new life into the world.  I feel that is where we will begin to RECONNECT...

Another song by Kindred chorus that goes a little something like this:

And I never take for granted love
Cuz I know the words you're speaking of
When you sing about the ones you love
Know that we are ONE
We are creation
Every single ONE of us
LOVE has no recession

Maybe if we think about these words, we will begin to like each other and our kids bring us together!  That doesn't mean fall in love with the person or people you have children with...understand there is a level of LOVE there, or you wouldn't have children in the first place.  Just because it isn't a love you expected (we always expect more...gotta love that doesn't mean we cannot get along, at least for our children.  What do you want them to learn from YOU?

Like my daughter says, "I just want everyone to get along so we can play!"  I'd rather play on the playground we call Earth than fight with whomever; destroying not only ourselves, but our home!

Wake up, let it go & love!  Have a beautiful day everyONE!  I love YOU!

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